SawdOffStikPins (sawdoffstikpins) wrote in bgsu,

Needz a place to live

Greetings everyone...

I'll be moving to Bowling Green for graduate school in August.  I'll be visiting some time in April looking at the campus and for "glbtq-friendly" places to live.  I'm looking for a single apartment or some place in which i will have a lot of personal space and not be living with slovenly, noisy dopes.  If you have any information about landlords and properties, good or bad, please share. 

A bit about me--i'm a clothing and jewelry designer, going into the Metals MFA program at BGSU.  I love dancing and staff and baton spinning.  I've been preparing tools and garments suitable for fire performance.  I can design and make almost anything out of almost anything (except space shuttles.)  I occaisionally fence with the SCA.  And i like ice skating.
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