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Hello again...

I'm looking for a nice reputable bank near campus in which to set up my account.  Does anyone have any favorite banks or know anything about banks i shouldn't do business with? 
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Check with The Huntington and 5th/3rd on S. Main just down from the center of town...they're more or less across the street from each other. Usually they'll be able to give you some literature on student accounts.
I was extremely happy with Charter One bank in Kroger when I was there, open 7 days a week and some of the nicest people I've ever banked with. I'd seriously consider them!
Avoid Key Bank; their fees are really ridiculous. I had an excellent experience with the Glass City Credit Union, if you don't object to a credit union.
I've had good luck with key; I have overdraft protection and I don't have fees for overdrafting. Plus there is an ATM in the union, as well as several branches across town. And you usually get a free ipod or gps or something for opening your first checking account with them, which is cool. My friend did that and got a 4 gb nano for free.
I also have an account with Huntington. They are also very helpful, but its a business account so I dont know how their personal checking is.
I've been with 5/3 for 10 years and have no complaints. The staff at both locations in town are great and 5/3 is available allover the region (all of Ohio, KY, into Chicago, and probably other places I haven't been).
I've used 5th Third for about a year now and have no complaints. One personal checking and one small buisness checking account. I still miss TCF in Michigan though because of their hours.
I actually opened a Huntington student checking account when I first started BG (2001) and still have it. I love it, and would never think about switching. They've always been so helpful, and there is a banking location right on Wooster over the train tracks, and there are ATM's in the Library and the Union, as well as other ATM's throughout BG. I <3 Huntington.