curlystoogeiu (curlystoogeiu) wrote in bgsu,

Bowling Green bursar office

hello BGers,

I'm in need of a little help.  My little brother is a freshman at Bowling Green and is currently facing a situation with the Bursar Office.  As a fairly recent grad of Indiana University I still remember dealing with financial aid and the pain in the ass it can be.  After several years of getting the run around, I finally bi-passed the people in the front and would meet with a supervisor to discuss my financial situation.  This would cure most of my headaches and allowed me to graduate.  I was hoping someone could give me a name or point me in a strong direction to find some reasonable answers.  At the moment they are threatening to kick him out and have placed a hold on his meal account.  I find this to be harsh resolutions and shows little in terms of finding alternative options.  If anyone could provide a little insight it would be greatly appreciated.

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