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Free Amazon Prime for students [25 Aug 2010|05:35am]

Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!
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Sky high 4/20 Party at Skybar! [20 Apr 2010|08:13am]

Sky High at Skybar with WBGU 88.1 FM!
Proceeds go to WBGU 88.1 FM, your only non-profit Campus FM station!
Come to our last big huzzah of the year!

LUAU at Sky Bar; Tiki bar is OPEN for business!

Everybody gets lei'd!

Cheap beer and drink specials all night!
FREE Qdoba Taco with EVERY drink purchase from 10 pm - 2 am!

Live DJs for the night will be bringing you electronic dance music of several varieties to get you moving your dancing feet from start to finish...

10pm-11pm: DJ EMPĒ (progressive trance)
11pm-12am: Anticitizen One (progressive trance)
12am-01am: DJ Psysix (dubstep)
01am-02am: DJ What the Bleep (dubwise ragga jungle)
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SCA - Barony Wars 2010 [01 Apr 2010|11:54am]


Barony Wars - SCA / Historical Event - Fort Meigs (Toledo) Ohio. Vendors, sporting events, costuming, and more.
When: May 7-9, 2010
Where: Fort Meigs
Site opens at 12 noon on Friday, May 7, 2010.
Site closes at 12 noon on Sunday, May 9, 2010.
Website for more!

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BGSU Anime Con - FREE [15 Mar 2010|02:59pm]


Animarathon 2010 – BGSU Anime Con
Website: http://www.bgsu.edu/studentlife/organizations/anime/
Admission: FREE
Date: March 27th, 2010
Where: Bowling Green, Ohio (this is in NW Ohio - the largest anime con of NW Ohio and southern Michigan) on the Campus

 Cosplay, vendor room, panels, guest speakers, and mayhem for one day! Shake off those winter blues and have some fun!

At this convention I will be hosting a ‘Kimono 101′ workshop. There I will provide a brief overview, and 1 hour long discussion on kimono and how they are worn. In addition to the kimono workshop, I will be selling kimono. Once more I will have a selection of kimono (mens and womens), haori (mens and womens), and some obi for sale.

OhioKimono site: http://www.ohiokimono.com for more about the kimono sales.

I have a rack full of kimono in different styles, prices, and for both genders! I also have a selection of low cost "crafting" kimono perfect for costuming, and being used in various projects.

Kimono for sale!

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[ mood | chipper ]

Anyone that's interested can PM me for tickets!
Or contact DJ Audioflesh at Skybar Wednesday nights!

They will be $25 at the door (that is... if there is any left)

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[18 Nov 2009|07:05pm]

i just ordered my cap/gown and im graduating with a bachelors in biology...so i guess bachelors in science. does anyone know what color the tassel will be?

just wonderin...

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BG goth, etc. [23 Oct 2009|09:47am]


I went to goth night on Wednesday.  I had my mohawk up, was wearing two of my handmade spiked collars, my midriff revealing tank top that i also made, and the most excellent, although stereotypical goth pants that i got at Goodwill...and as i walked through the bar room into the dance hall i came to the realization that i was not goth *enough*.    

People were wearing masks, had black and/or white make-up all over their faces, dread-falls...very little grinding going on.  The music was not much to my liking, but it was nice to see more people dance with gusto.  There are two places that i know of that have goth night on Wednesdays, and one was practically deserted, but the music was so much better.  I wish people would go there next time.  Yes--Sky Bar was packed, Uptown was empty.  Uptown had much better music.  It was like...dark house/techno.  Not bubblegum techno, but still very danceable.  I had to leave before the night was over.  Early morning class.  But what the hell, people?  I wonder if there was a rift in the politics of the goth nights around here and if that caused loyalties to sit with one place.  This will be my independent, uncoerced, unsponsored plug for Uptown's goth night.  Check it out on your way to Sky Bar.  You might just want to stay a while. 

**I know--goth is a state of mind, a way of relating to the world and one's own emotions, power from pain, beauty from the broken, etc.  I just meant in costume.  Really, i can be goth in track pants.

Regarding age...

People around here seem to think it's weird that some 30-somethings identify with the goth culture.  As if "goth" is only something for those 25 and under.  Excuse me--many of those are the Hot Topic goths.  But the original goth sub-culture emerged in the late 70s and early 80s.  When those 30-somethings were kids and teenagers.  So it's more than reasonable for them to identify with that set if that's the group they were into back then.  Goth isn't some phase you always grow out of.   We have old hippies.  Why not old(er than collage age) goths?  I think about the various people over 30 who made somewhat regular appearances at Axis aka Chapel Perilous and note that they were all nice, intelligent people.  One was a professor, one ran a department of a university library, one managed a bookstore...   Contrary to the common notion, most goths are not chronically sad, pathetic mopers.  From my experience, they are creative, expressive people who aren't afraid to feel the full gamut of emotion and use their experiences, good and bad, to inform the products of their creativity.  

Some people also think it's weird for 30-somethings to still be going to the bars and clubs that the university set goes to.  Ok--this is a "college town".  EVERY bar and club is going to have college students in it.  What i don't get is how in more rural areas, such as the place i grew up, a young man who goes to the same bar from the time he's in his 20s up to his 60s is considered a "good-ol-boy", but in college towns, he's considered an old creep.  What the hell?  There is no age maximum to get into a bar.  And more ages of people than just college age live and work in college towns.  Granted, there are some very odd, possibly creepy people around here.  Everywhere actually.  I met a creepy 30+ law student at IU.  I've met plenty of young creeps and jackasses in my dorms.  So don't determine creepiness on the basis of age alone.  Get to know people.  Then decide if they are creepy or evil or whatever.  It's not how old you are.  It's how you behave, how you treat people. 

When i am 30+ i will still be goth.  And dancing.  Is there some rule that once a person passes 35, they have to stay home with their Reader's Digest?  The day i get too old to dance is the day a huge part of my soul shrivels up and dies.


A lot of weird coincidences that feel like more than coincidences keep occurring.  These range from having a dream that seemed to predict the person i was about to meet within a few hours after having it,  going dancing that night and knowing that i would meet someone interesting, that person knowing the pattern drafting, tailoring, and other sewing techniques that i need to know for the piece i wasn't sure if i would be able to make, me hanging out with this person too long over fall break, thus getting almost sick and feeling too worn out to go on the Metals area field trip to the University of Western Michigan--a trip which i had a bad feeling about anyway, and the assistant professor being stricken, the day after returning, with an infection so bad it landed her in the emergency room, that she was told could make her go blind. 


So if i had gone on that trip, i might have caught what the assistant professor has because my body was worn out.  There are other things, but after this it gets too mystical. 


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rec center [30 Sep 2009|11:27pm]

does anyone know if the rec center accepts credit cards as form of payment for a semmester pass?
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Bowling Green bursar office [24 Sep 2009|11:53pm]

hello BGers,

I'm in need of a little help.  My little brother is a freshman at Bowling Green and is currently facing a situation with the Bursar Office.  As a fairly recent grad of Indiana University I still remember dealing with financial aid and the pain in the ass it can be.  After several years of getting the run around, I finally bi-passed the people in the front and would meet with a supervisor to discuss my financial situation.  This would cure most of my headaches and allowed me to graduate.  I was hoping someone could give me a name or point me in a strong direction to find some reasonable answers.  At the moment they are threatening to kick him out and have placed a hold on his meal account.  I find this to be harsh resolutions and shows little in terms of finding alternative options.  If anyone could provide a little insight it would be greatly appreciated.

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Banks [26 Jul 2009|08:57pm]

Hello again...

I'm looking for a nice reputable bank near campus in which to set up my account.  Does anyone have any favorite banks or know anything about banks i shouldn't do business with? 
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[09 Jul 2009|10:03pm]

 I don't pay for cable television so I use a digital converter box on my TV. I find it strange that the only four stations I can pick up are the Bowling Green digital channels. Anyone else using a converter box getting more than just those? I'd like to find out if more are available in this area before I go out and spend money on a better antenna.
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[22 Jun 2009|04:53pm]

does anyone know how many credit hours during the summer is considered "full time". i searched around the site for awhile and couldn't find much.

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Internet and cable providers [16 Jun 2009|01:07pm]

I'm moving to Bowling Green in August and i'm seeking advice on which internet and cable company to go with.  Anyone have any preferences or experiences with certain companies that might be helpful in making this decision?  I don't have wireless on my machine, if that affects anything. 

I found a fabulous apartment in Sycamore Square, so thank you to the person who advised me to look into that place a few months ago. 
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tanning? [30 Mar 2009|05:05pm]

 Does anyone go tanning at Bronze Tanning in the bg mall? i thought about checking it out and it seemed pretty nice when ive walked by while strolling about the mall. i used to go to tan pro but i want to start doing the stand up booths which they offer in their unlimited tanning package.

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Needz a place to live [14 Mar 2009|01:52pm]

Greetings everyone...

I'll be moving to Bowling Green for graduate school in August.  I'll be visiting some time in April looking at the campus and for "glbtq-friendly" places to live.  I'm looking for a single apartment or some place in which i will have a lot of personal space and not be living with slovenly, noisy dopes.  If you have any information about landlords and properties, good or bad, please share. 

A bit about me--i'm a clothing and jewelry designer, going into the Metals MFA program at BGSU.  I love dancing and staff and baton spinning.  I've been preparing tools and garments suitable for fire performance.  I can design and make almost anything out of almost anything (except space shuttles.)  I occaisionally fence with the SCA.  And i like ice skating.
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Screening of Award-Winning Film Freeheld at BGSU [07 Sep 2008|03:29am]

Dear BGSU Ljers:

I am pleased to announce a public, free screening of Academy the Award-Winning film Freeheld. Transcendence is happy to co-sponsor the screening with Equality Ohio. I have seen the film and found it incredibly powerful, poignant and memorable. It is a stinging indictment against discrimination and a righteous call to action to fight for full equality for same-gender couples in the US. The Screening is:

(2007. 38 minutes. Directed by Cynthia Wade.)
Friday, September 12, 2008
5:30 PM
The Women's Center, 107 Hanna Hal
Refreshments Provided. Optional discussion after the film.

Here is a synopsis from the film's website:

Detective Lieutenant Laurel Hester spent 25 years investigating tough cases in Ocean County, New Jersey, protecting the rights of victims and putting her life on the line. She had no reason to expect that in the last year of her life, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, that her final battle for justice would be for the woman she loved.

The documentary film "Freeheld" chronicles Laurel's struggle to transfer her earned pension to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree. With less than six months to live, Laurel refuses to back down when her elected officials - the Ocean County Freeholders -deny her request to leave her pension to Stacie, an automatic option for heterosexual married couples. The film is structured chronologically, following both the escalation of Laurel's battle with the Freeholders and the decline of her health as cancer spreads to her brain.

As Laurel's plight intensifies, it spurs a media frenzy and a passionate advocacy campaign. At the same time, "Freeheld" captures a quieter, personal story: that of the deep love between Laurel and Stacie as they face the reality of losing each other. Alternating from packed public demonstrations at the county courthouse to quiet, tender moments of Laurel and Stacie at home, "Freeheld" combines tension-filled political drama with personal detail, creating a nuanced study of a grassroots fight for justice.

To view more about the film, visit:


Also, learn more about the event on Facebook:


Please help me spread the word and consider inviting a friend or ally. All are welcome.


Equality Ohio: www.equalityohio.org

Transcendence: www.transbg.org

The film's Trailer:

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[23 Aug 2008|10:51pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I'd really like to know where I can buy some fresh beer at in this town because the six pack I just bought from South Side 6 was born on March 10th. I wanted to buy some vodka but apparently liquor sales end at 10:00 p.m. in the state of Ohio? This is not a good way to end my first week here. 

edit: lolz @ bitchy icon

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[15 Jul 2008|05:53pm]

has anyone lived in evergreen apartments on poe road? i was lookin at a 1 bedroom but ive never been in one. are they good...bad....okay?

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[07 Jul 2008|08:47pm]

i know all starting dates of leases are different, but i was wondering if anyone here has a lease with mecca or will have one for the fall and know what date they start. im aware that some of them have early move in but i was wondering the other date. also if anyone knows greenbriars that would help also.

im gonna call tomorrow but i was curious right now..

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Anything at BGSU like the Jolt? [06 Jul 2008|04:54pm]

I know plenty of folks won't be familiar with this, but I'm hoping some who went to undergrad with a Jolt will remember. Does anyone know if Bowling Green has anything similar to a Daily Jolt? (For example, Smith Daily Jolt, Amherst Daily Jolt)? I know there's a section on Myspace for BGSU, but it's kind of... dead.

Anybody know if there's anything out there? I'm getting antsy waiting to move/for the semester to start.
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